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What my clients say...


Lottie, Dan and baby Madlen

I absolutely loved my course with Sarah, when I started it I'd already had some concerns flagged in my pregnancy and was getting really anxious. Learning with her meant I took back control of my body, my baby and the whole experience, I went from feeling a bit out of control, struggling to make decisions and generally worrying about everything to understanding what my body was going through, how I could make decisions positively, managing a stressful situation while still feeling in control and knowing that I could say no to anything I didn't feel comfortable with. 


For me the most useful part was working through doing a birth plan, I knew at that point I was unlikely to have a natural labour due to complications so it was great to know what was still possible, and that I could still have a great experience even if it wasn't what I'd originally planned. In the end I was induced at 38 weeks and went into hospital feeling confident and prepared - 24 hours later my daughter was born through a vaginal delivery with no intervention or additional pain relief beyond gas and air. It was the most incredible thing I've ever done and I'm so grateful to Sarah for helping me build my knowledge and confidence that I don't have any doubt meant I had a much more positive birth - it would have been a very different experience without her support!

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