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Doula at Home

Birth Doula Service

Having a doula with you through your pregnancy and birth really does make a difference. Here's why...

What is a doula?

A doula is person who can provide physical, emotional, and practical support to women/ birthing people and their families before, during, and after childbirth. A doula can support with advocacy, help navigating the maternity system, understanding your birth rights and is a known and trusted person that is present throughout the journey of pregnancy and birth. Research shows that having consistent, continued support from a known person in this way has far reaching positive outcomes for birther, baby and their families.  

What are the benefits?

LESS likely to have a Caesarean birth

LESS likely to have an instrumental delivery

LESS likely to need pain killers or an epidural 

LESS likely to be induced

LESS likely to experience postnatal depression

MORE likely to feel positive about your birth experience 

MORE likely to initiate breastfeeding

MORE likely to establish and still be breastfeeding at 6 weeks

MORE likely that your birth partner feels positive, informed and part of the experience

Complete Birth Package

Investment £2,500

What you get...

- Initial meeting

- 8 hours of antenatal time tailored to your needs/ wishes for your birth prep and to get to know you. This can look different for everyone. Usually - hypnobirthing, physiology, birth rights, birth partner coaching, birth planning and anything else specific you would like to focus on. You will also get access to The Birth Uprising full digital hypnobirthing course for more depth and detail to what you learn with me and to refer back to in your own time.

- 24 hour on-call period starting from 10 days before your due date.

- 1 x 2 hour postnatal visit.

- Unlimited support throughout the perinatal period via email, calls & and Whatsapp group with you and your birth partner (optional).

- Continuous support throughout the labour & birth (refer to my contract for more detail).

- Sign posting to loads of evidence based research & resources.

- Access to my client hub for hypnobirthing MP3's, resources, positive birth videos and more.

- Borrow from my lending library.

- Travel cost/expenses up to 100 miles (extra mileage invoiced at 45p per mile).

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