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My Background

My first experience of birth was partnering my sister at her daughters birth. I saw a journey like nothing I had ever experienced, saw the first breath my niece took and felt emotion I had never felt before.

I went on to partner my eldest sister at 5 of her births and my best friend at her son's birth... and witnessed birth take many different forms. Each birth took it's own path, I saw these amazing beings approach each one differently. I admired them so much and saw them feeling vulnerable at times and raw but also strong, positive, calm, prepared and even excited. I didn't know birth could be like that.

After a lifetime of being certain I didn't want my own children, I fell in love with supporting birthing people, understanding how birth works and set my heart on becoming a midwife.

When me and my partner found out after 7 years together that I was pregnant, I was so excited (after initial denial and swearing).

I felt positive and prepared for my first birth at home (from my experiences partnering loved ones) even though I hadn't fully committed to hypnobirthing yet. I transferred to hospital for the final hours and it was all very straight forward (although, knowing what I know now I would have stayed at home). Overall, I had a very positive experience, although I now know, that had I done a hypnobirthing course, I would have felt more heard and been even better prepared.

I did loads of learning, reading and talking about all things birth, pregnancy, babies and breastfeeding. I took part in studies and offered support to anyone I could, but realised training to be a midwife wouldn't be possible for me whilst caring for my young son.

Then I became pregnant again. During my 2nd pregnancy I was inspired by a friend who had trained as a hypnobirthing teacher and decided that would be the ideal path for me. To be able to work with birthing people and immerse myself in the world of birth, while maintaining a work-life balance that worked for me and my family.

I found a wonderful independent midwife for my pregnancy and birth and in my 3rd trimester, I completed training as a Real Birth antenatal teacher and a Hypnobirthing teacher. Both Royal College of Midwives accredited courses.

I went on to have my perfect birth. Not least because I was at home (my preference but in no way a hypnobirthing requirement), and with my partner, son and sister, or because I was only using breathing and visualisations as my only comfort measures. But because I was INFORMED. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I was capable of, I knew my rights and options, I knew I was a birthing badass!

Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I discovered the unmatchable awesomeness that is The Birth Uprising and retrained with them. I have also completed training in postnatal recovery to enable me to cover postnatal planning in my teaching, have completed a Breastfeeding /chestfeeding course, and LGBTQ+ competency training, with cultural competency (among others) in the pipeline.

I'm a gentle respectful parent (well, I try) with an interest in Montessori and RIE, a tandem breastfeeding mother, baby wearer, have extensive cloth nappy experience, have started solids with baby led weaning with both my children and am always looking to learn more about parenting and child development.


 Now I get to teach hypnobirthing in Hampshire and Dorset my way and help others to have awesome empowering birth experiences too.


Why I do this and what I offer

I'm Sarah (she/her). I live on the edge of the New Forest on the south coast of England with my 2 young children and partner. I'm a total nerd for all things birth and baby related, and would happily spend my every waking minute reading, writing or learning more about it. Well actually, I pretty much do... BirthLife!

Prior to creating BirthLife hypnobirthing, I qualified as a hypnobirthing teacher on a Royal College of Midwives accredited course and as a Real Birth Workshop Teacher (RCM accredited antenatal education) and I have since retrained with The Birth Uprising to create a more inclusive, comprehensive and badass offering. I have completed training in postnatal recovery, breast/ chest-feeding, LGBTQ Competency with AJ Silver - The Queer Birth Club and have more in the pipeline.

So, I want to pass on what I have learnt to all birthing people, to realise your birthing power, to know your rights and to give you the tools you need to be confident, calm, informed and have a positive birth, what ever that looks like for you.

I may not be exactly what you expect a hypnobirthing teacher to be, but I'm authentic and I really bloody care.​​​​​

You'll get so much more than just the classes with a tonne of free resources in all things baby and being a new parent (more details on my Booking pages)

If you want to see what it's all about and what I'm all about, book a place on my next taster here.

You'll have access to me, and I have access to a huge community of badass birth workers and midwives

I'll support you through your journey however
I can

I'm big on birth rights and you won't be taking any crap after doing a course with me :D


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