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Hypnobirthing Teacher
Free Workshop
  • Want to make other pregnant friends to share the journey with?
    Think hypnobirthing is just some breathing, chanting and comparing vaginas to opening flowers?... think again... that is not the one! It's BANGING antenatal education!

  • I'm a total birth nerd and self-professed birthing badass and I want to share the knowledge I have with every birthing person, that enabled my amazing, positive experiences.
    As a Real Birth antenatal teacher and certified hypnobirthing coach, I know loads of cool shiz about birth and babies and I wanna tell you all about it.

  • Understand what hypnobirthing is and what it isn't - debunking some of the misconceptions such as "it's just some breathing techniques"

  • The science of how and why great antenatal education works to support your body to birth in whatever way you choose

  • I'll explain some of the hypnobirthing techniques and help you understand that you probs already use them and they aren't crazy at all 

  • I'll give away lots of free tips and hypnobirthing hacks

  • IT'S FREE so you have nothing to lose - I'll also offer discount on a full course for attending the workshop

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