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Doula at Home

Doula Service

Supporting families through the antenatal period and in labour and birth. Birthkeeping is my calling and I'm here to hold you through your journey, however you need holding...

My Courses-

Hypnobirthing New Milton

Complete birth preparation with hypnobirthing - You and your birth partner.



Antenatal Classes with Hypnobirthing

Offering modern, inclusive and evidence based antenatal and hypnobirthing (btw hypnobirthing is antenatal too) classes. For every birthing person and for every type of birth.

Often birthing people feel a mix of emotions about birth. Excitement and intrigue are frequently accompanied by some fear or anxiety (totally normal). 

TV dramas, scary stories or previous experiences can do this. BUT birth doesn't need to feel like that, and often doesn't. Birth is awesome! This is real birth, your birth and you're going to own it!

Hypnobirthing Dorset
Image by Daiga Ellaby


I run regular free sessions for anyone interested in hypnobirthing, wanting to find out more about it or more about me and what I offer.

  • Is hypnobirthing a bit of a mystery?

  • Want to get some super helpful birthing info and hyonobirthing hacks even if a full course isn't what you are looking for?

  • Do you want to know more about me or are thinking of booking a course, but want to try before you buy?

  • Do you want to understand a bit more about what you get in a full course?

  • Are you aware how much support I offer my clients and that I'll be your biggest cheerleader?


I offer free online and in person workshops regularly, so why not come along and see what you think? 

Spaces on these free sessions are limited, so to be sure you don't miss out, book your place here.

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