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Why doula training now?

I believe I have been a doula since I was born. It's who I am not what I do.

Back when we all lived in close knit communities in our villages or tribes, there would be members of each community that would naturally be the ones who stepped in to help people out when they had needs, to support people when they were vulnerable or to stand up for others when they needed someone in their corner. These people would be the doulas. That's who I am.

I've always felt a need to be with people when they need or want a person.

I supported my sister at the first birth I ever witnessed when I was 16. It's was the most incredible and surreal experience of my whole life and though I didn't entirely realise it at the time, it changed me forever. I went on to support other family members and friends at a further 6 births, each one unique and each one leaving me in awe of the amazing women I saw birth and the path they walked to get there.

So, having been supporting families in birth for 25 years, why doula training now?

Well, firstly all the families I have supported up to now have been known to me and me to them. People with whom I already had love, trust and a knowing. All things that I believe are essential for a doula-birther relationship. So I wanted to be fully informed of things I may not have had to consider up to now with supporting people that are new connections. I also wanted to be sure I'd done all the inner work and reflection on myself, looking at what I hold, believe and carry to ensure I never bring my stuff into the birth space of another in any way that's not helpful.

I've been a TBU hypnobirthing instructor for nearly 3 years already, so it made sense that I would also do my doula training with them. I have so much love and respect for The Birth Uprising crew, their ethos and goals, that I didn't need to look any further to find what I'd need to get that inner work done.

I'm so happy to finally feel I've done what I need to do and am fully ready to go out in the world holding the hands of families through their incredible journeys to birth and beyond. That won't be the end to my development and trading of course. I'm a total birth nerd and completely obsessed, so no doubt there will always be another skill to learn or course to do, that's just how I roll. 💚🙏🥰

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