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Antenatal with Hypnobirthing - Groups Course (Up to 6 birthers + birth partners)

£240 in person


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Update coming soon - DM me on Insta or email me with enquiries

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What is it?

Full antenatal education delivered in person, in a group with other expectant parents, to fully prepare you for birth. No nonsense, evidence based content delivered by me, your straight talking birth educator and hypnobirthing specialist. Find your tribe of like minded parents while you get informed about birth and babies.

Includes your luxury welcome pack, lots of learning resources, birth and postnatal planning templates, additional online courses and unlimited access to me via WhatsApp or phone. Additional Zoom sessions bookable upon request.

The details:

This course comprises of 4 x 2.5 hour sessions taught in person at the Amethyst Cave, New Milton.

The course covers:

-physiology of birth (the science of what happens in labour)

-birthing hormones and how to support them so they can be as effective as possible

-active birth techniques and pain management strategies

-a whole section for the birth partner to understand their role and how important they are

-how the mind body connection works and how you can use that to your advantage

-understanding your pregnancy and birth rights and how to navigate our maternity system

-all about the choices you have, ways to help you make decisions, birth and postnatal planning (including free templates to use)

- how to practice everything (anchoring, positive affirmations, visualisation and relaxation etc) at home and really make it work

- access to The Birth Uprising online course to use in your own time (usually £45 to buy)

- an account in the client space of my website which gives you access to a whole suite of resources including your recorded relaxation MP3's, positive birth videos, and a load more recorded courses:

  • Breastfeeding preparation work shop (Prerecorded by Jade& Alix TBU Founders)

  • A baby massage course (prerecorded)

  • An introduction to Slings video from Becky Sling Consultant

  • An Introduction to starting solids video from Sarah @ Starting Solids

  • Pregnant & Postnatal Yoga tips from Lizzie Edwards Yoga

  • Access to The Birth Uprising digital pack (usually £45)


You'll make great friends and can join in coffee shop meet ups and a group chat on WhatsApp or Telegram.


You also get unlimited support from myself via text and WhatsApp and additional Zoom sessions are available to book!

This course offers you no nonsense approach to birthing. No dancing under the moon or telling you your vagina will open like a flower! (although I'm totally down for some of that)

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